The Ziggaru Way

The lack of natural sports and energy bars available in Palma de Mallorca where she lives, motivated Rebecca to start making her own. Mum of three to a family who enjoys hiking mountains, sailing, and cycling, food for fuel is necessary for them all to keep going. So Rebecca got to work to develop a range of healthy energy bars that are nutritious, filling and tasty.

Her kitchen became a squirrel’s winter haven, with jars and boxes full of nuts and seeds to trial with an assortment of dehydrated fruits and vegetables. It wasn’t long before she had perfected a snack she delighted in sharing with family and friends.

Unlike other energy bars that are over-sweetened, too dry and crumbly or not satisfying enough, Ziggaru Energy Bars balance the right combination of whole food ingredients and pairs flavours that simply go together – Mango and Vanilla, Beetroot, Apple and Turmeric, Strawberry, Banana & Cinnamon & Pear and Ginger.

A note from the leading lady

Hey there, I’m Rebecca!

The Ziggaru journey began in my kitchen, an idea to curb the crisps and chocolate and instead nourish my family and friends with something wholesome and made entirely from natural ingredients.

Encouraged by their wonderful reactions to the bars, the decision was made to bring them out of my kitchen and share the love…

Our Philosophy

Believe in yourself anything is possible. What you eat reflects your body’s harmony & mood!


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